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Industry Partner Referral Program

What Can Silverlight Insurance Agency Do For You?

Unicorn PoliciesHave you ever found yourself in a situation where your clients ask you to insure a hard-to-place item or property and you just don’t have the time, knowledge, or product they’re looking for?

Silverlight has YOU covered!

Simply refer your clients to us, and we’ll handle just the UNICORN, with zero threat of losing other policies with your clients, you will better serve their needs, with no strings attached!

Boost retention and client satisfaction

Unicorn Products

  • CCW Liability
  • Firearm & Accessory Collections
  • Home Business
  • Travel
  • Cyber Liability
  • Comics, Books, Art, Coins, Jewelry
  • Bahamas & Caribbean Homes
  • Pet Health
  • Unoccupied Homes
  • Commercial and Enterprise Insurance