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Our Logo

Our “Shield & Compass” logo represent an ethical approach to the insurance business. The Shield is a symbol that represents asset protection, while the Compass inside of shield represents orientation toward “True North,” the symbolic moral compass.

Following U.S. Army tradition, the use of this compass is a reference of honor to the “Ranger Silver,” a protractor and compass tool used in mapping and land navigation. It is also a symbol of the leadership acronym LDRSHIP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.) which Dennis felt inclined to reflect these values in his mission statement, “Your Success Before Mine.”

  • The letters of this acronym reflect each of our endeavors as community professionals

• Loyalty – creating symbiotic and supportive relationships with local businesses rather than participating in the customary cut-throat practices associated with the insurance industry.
• Duty – Taking a consultative approach to insurance sales through education and community involvement.
• Respect – With our focus on fostering relationships, we aim to build the credibility and boost client satisfaction for other local insurance professionals. In other words, we’re here as a resource.
• Selfless Service – We might not always have what you’re looking for, but we will move mountains to make sure that your needs are addressed within a network of trusted professionals, whatever the expense.
• Honor – Is our simple and unwavering display of our core values in every aspect of our day-to-day and professional lives.
• Integrity – Is the outer show of our moral compass. This means always doing what is right legally and morally. We believe that in doing so we are setting the standard in our relationships with the community we serve.
• Personal Courage – We realize that when answers are being sought, the least we can do is provide unambiguous and straight forward communication. We won’t hide from the possibility of a difficult conversation.